The title "AusZeit" of my ongoing project is significant in that the people shown on my pictures often look for a little break in their everyday life. In English you would say "short-time out". The series started in 2018 with the completion of the seminar The Theatre of Real Life by Wolfgang Zurborn and the resulting book publication of the participans. In my photo selection was one picture showing a pub named "AusZeit". See AusZeit I

We realized that this name is a good title for my series. As I found that the name generally fits in well with my pictures, I decided later to continue using this title to show some of my current images in an ongoing process, which also reflects my approach. So I usually do not think of any rigid concepts or special themes before and then make the appropriate photos. For me taking pictures means wandering around, observing and immersing myself in my surroundings and capturing the moments that appeal to me emotionally. Such a practice requires of course a detailed selection and editing process in retrospect to reflect about the work, to gain new insights and to internalize them in order to constantly evolve.

"The people Heike Frielingsdorf shows in her pictures are frequently looking for a time to leave the everyday routine behind. But they seem to get lost in the often whimsical-looking backdrop worlds of a leisure culture. With her keen power of observation, the photographer develops a look somewhat between loving attitude towards the people and fierce irony in depicting an impersonal and sterile environment. The images never aim at a flat punch line to make fun of people. Beyond any slapstick, her humor emerges in a much more subtle way through the virtuoso interplay of different levels of action in complex pictorial compositions. In her photographs, Heike Frielingsdorf creates stages in our contemporary world on which she gives space to objects and people in their living environment to tell stories out of themselves."  Wolfgang Zurborn, 2018

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