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Hi! Here you find a little information about me and my work... 

I was born in 1970 in homely Paderborn, Germany. After studying I worked until 2000 as a teacher, then moved to exciting Cologne and switched to the film industry. About 10 years ago I discovered my interest in photography, took part in some courses and began to take photos - beyond family celebrations and holidays. 2011, I started my own business and devoted myself mainly to photography. That is still the case today.


First of all, I photographed rather abstract compositions and deserted "non-places", also small artificial paradises, created by man - in any case, less the "real life". After some time, people "crept" gradually into my pictures and at some point I realized that this is exactly what thrills me. The whole thing has developed into a real passion and I can hardly imagine my life without this kind of photography. 

It means for me wandering around, observing and immersing myself in my surroundings and capturing the moments that appeal to me emotionally. Often it is the everyday occurrences that "jump" at me, situations that seem to be secondary and yet create a very unique cosmos. Images that tell stories, that make people's dreams, longings and concerns palpable and that often reflect life in all its absurdity.

Due to my approach, my pictures are always candid, never staged. Of course, they show my subjective view of reality - but nevertheless, the fact that the scenes shown are not posed is for me an important and positive aspect in times of a huge flood of images, permeated by excessive self-staging and self-optimization.








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