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This series gives an insight into my project "Palm Tree Blues".

After two years of pandemic and in view of the current war situation in the middle of Europe, I asked myself how the so-called "places of longing" that have attracted millions of tourists year after year are doing. Is everything the same? What is left of the lightness, the fullness, the limitless fun? Do you look back rather melancholy to “the good old days” without fears and distance, or do you feel a positive departure, a long-needed beginning of a change away from overtourism with all its downsides? In times like these, is it even possible to enjoy a holiday (without a guilty conscience) and forget all the worrying news?


This is how the idea came about to travel to places that are characterized by mass tourism, to observe life there and to capture it photographically. I was not concerned with simply documenting crowds (or the opposite), but rather acting in the spirit of street photography, capturing moods, interpersonal encounters and decisive moments. With the resulting images from Benidorm, Venice and Rimini I want to give the viewer space for possible answers.


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